Precision Slitting & RewindingRoll slitting is a manufacturing process that takes a large roll of material and breaks it down into narrower rolls. This process can be divided into two categories: log slitting and rewind slitting.

Log slitting gets its name from the full roll of the material before it is cut, which is known as the log. Without unrolling the log, smaller slices are cut from it. In rewinding, on the other hand, the material is first unwound from the spool that it’s been stored on. The material is then cut by lasers or knives into the desired width. Once it is the right size, it’s rewound on new shafts to create narrower rolls.


Relationship Between Slitting, Rewinding and Lamination

When laminate is produced, it is wound on large rolls. These oversized rolls are unwieldy, making them impractical for storage, shipping, or use. In addition, laminate is generally used in a variety of different widths. 

As such, the jumbo rolls must be cut down into smaller-sized, more usable portions. Known as retail rolls, these smaller pieces are easier to move and to use. They can be cut to whatever width is needed by the customer. At Just Tape and Adhesives, we also have the ability to custom package the retail rolls with a shrink wrap machine.

Lamination is an important process used to manufacture a material out of multiple layers. When these layers are joined together, the resulting composite combines the qualities of its parts. The new laminate might feature properties such as:

  • Improved strength
  • Enhanced stability
  • Smoother appearance
  • Better sound insulation

The different layers are combined into a laminate by means of heat, pressure, adhesive, or welding. Different processes may be used depending on the materials being put together. Once the layers are joined, the laminate is permanently assembled and very stable.

A laminate is made to be stronger than any one of its parts. This gives laminated products protection against wear, such as scratches, staining, and tearing. This makes it possible to reuse these products longer without having to replace them. To learn more about our lamination services, please visit our Custom Lamination page. 


Precision Slitting and Rewinding Services

Just Tape and Converting uses a range of proprietary, customized equipment that competitive providers can’t offer. We can convert material up to 80 inches wide and our product base can serve applications in industries across the board, including automotive, aerospace, glass manufacturing, construction, signage and print, electronics, and more.

Just Tape and Converting has been producing the highest quality products to serve North America since 1999. We are proud to nimbly support a diverse customer base, meeting their needs with a wide range of applications. With over 60 years of combined tape and adhesives sales experience, our staff is poised to answer any questions and find solutions. Our expertise, products, and skills come together to create a team that is ready to serve your most demanding applications. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about our slitting and rewinding, contact us